Submissions wanted!

Submissions wanted for Sonorus: feminist perspectives on Harry Potter zine! (A zine, derived from ‘magazine’, is a self-published booklet.) Sonorus is a new zine, created by three UK-based Harry Potter fans and feminists.

The aim of this zine is to see what feminists think of the Harry Potter series (including the books, the films, the cultural phenomenon and the fandom), for Harry Potter fans to look at the series in another way, and to put the spotlight on the numerous female characters in the world J.K. Rowling has created. It’s completely just for fun and interest and not for profit!

We’re looking for articles of anything between 200 and 1000 words on any aspect of the Harry Potter series in relation to feminism.

You could write about:

Female role models in the series

Feminism/ social justice in the Wizarding World

Your favourite character – can they be seen as a ‘feminist’ character?

Gender roles in the series

The differences between the books and the films and their impact on gender

Race in the series

Fan fiction – the interpretation of characters by fans and how gender is affected by this

Gender and careers in the series

LGBT issues in the series/the fandom

Women in sport in the series

Femininity/masculinity in the series

Gender in relation to good vs. evil

Motherhood in the series

Relationships in the series and in fan fiction

J.K. Rowling as a female writer

As well as submitting articles, you are also welcome to submit the following:

Fan art

Fan fiction (on a related theme)

Submissions are welcomed from people of all genders. You don’t have to be a feminist, know a lot about feminism or even be a Harry Potter fan to get involved, you just need to have something to say about gender in the series!

The intention is to include all other submissions in one issue, but if there are a lot of submissions and similar amounts of enthusiasm then we’ll make more issues so everyone can have their work featured in the zine. (Please note that anything seen by the editors to be sexist, racist, homophobic, disablist or discriminatory in any other way will not be included in the zine.)

Send all questions and submissions to:

Deadline for submissions: Thursday 1st August 2013

Happy writing!


10 thoughts on “Submissions wanted!

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  2. Would words about disability in the Harry Potter books be appreciated? I’m particularly thinking about the sheer amount of effort required to find the plausibly disabled characters and/or a look at whether wizards or muggles could be classed as disabled and/or a comparison of two plausibly autistic characters – Neville and Luna – and whether their gender affects the way they are seen by other characters / the reader.

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