Sonorus #1 OUT NOW!

Sonorus: Feminist Perspectives on Harry Potter #1 is OUT NOW!

Issue 1 includes:

  • Second in Command: Why Hermione is a Feminist Leader and Bellatrix is a Tool.
  • Feminism and Lily Evans.
  • An excerpt from Saucy Sorcery: Gender, Social Awareness and Literary Legacy in Harry Potter. (McGonagall as a feminist character.)
  • The Black Sisters Versus Gender.
  • His Silence Does the Talking. (Harry as a feminist character.)
  • Gender Roles and Harry Potter.
  • Long Haired, Skinny, Pretty, and Partnered – The Conventional Beauty/Relationship Norms of Harry Potter.
  • Why Film Hermione Should Be Less Pretty.
  • Why I Love Luna Lovegood.
  • Slytherin and Assimilation.
  • Why the Harry Potter Books Should Have Been Called the Hermione Granger Books.
  • How to Make a Magical World More Magical. (Gender as conservative in the series.)
  • A Strategy for Change, in the Wizarding World and Beyond! (The series creating a movement for social justice amongst its readers.)

UK orders: £1.00 + £1.35 postage


International orders: £1.00 + £4.75 postage


Or check out our Sonorus issue bundles here!


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