WEIRDO ZINE FEST: Sunday 31 January 2016

Team Sonorus will be tabling at this month’s Weirdo Zine Fest, taking place on Sunday 31 January, 1 – 8pm in¬†DIY Space for London (96-108 Ormside Street, SE15 1TF), where we will be selling all 3 issues of Sonorus, as well as zines created by the editors Cath and Kirsty. Hope to see you there! ūüôā

weirdo zine fest

WEIRDO ZINE FEST is a new zine fair privileging radical and marginalised voices. It’s happening at DIY space for London.

Preference for tables will be given to women, queers, POC, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, intersex, disabled, working class and otherwise marginalised folks.


1-5:30: ZINE FAIR (c. 30 tables full of radical and important DIY publications)
5:30-6:15: SUPER EXCITING PANEL DISCUSSION (details tbc soon!)
6:15-8:00: Informal social with weirdo zine readings (anyone welcome to read, sign up on the day!).

Also open on the day: Joey’s Kitchen for delicious vegan foods/non-booze drinks.

We are hosting this at DIY space for London. Accessibility information is here: (wheelchair accessible venue and toilets, gender neutral toilets). No sexism/racism/homophobia/ableism/transphobia/fatphobia/classism/SWERFs etc will be tolerated.

If you’re staying for the post-6pm activities (when the bar opens!), you’ll need to be a member of DIY space (or a guest of a member). Membership costs ¬£2 and takes 48 hours to take effect. Join and pay

More info and RSVP at the Facebook event page:

Important note re Xmas order deadlines

If you’re thinking of buying Sonorus as a Christmas gift, here are the deadlines for orders to be guaranteed arrival in time for Christmas Day!

Friday 18 December РUK

Thursday¬†3 December¬†–¬†Africa and Middle¬†East.
Saturday 5¬†December¬†–¬†Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan, Eastern Europe (ex. Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia).
Monday¬†7 December¬†–¬†Caribbean, Central & South America.
Wednesday¬†9 December¬†–¬†Greece, Australia, New Zealand.
Thursday¬†10 December – HM Forces Mail to Static BFPO’s
Saturday 12¬†December –¬†Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Poland,¬†Canada, Finland, Sweden and USA.
Tuesday¬†15 December –¬†Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.
Wednesday 16 December РFrance.
Thursday 17 December РBelgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Also please note that we will be away on our holidays on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day (24th Р26th December), so any orders placed on these dates will be posted on the 27th December.

Team Sonorus x

Sonorus #3 OUT NOW!

Sonorus: Feminist Perspectives on Harry Potter #3 is OUT NOW!

Issue 3 includes:

  • Wit beyond Measure is Bought with Man’s Treasure
  • Five Badass HP Women I’d Like to go on a Date With
  • Five Femslash Pairings There Should Be More Of
  • Veela, Gender and Sexuality
  • On Balls
  • Halfway Down the Stairs: Gender and the Hogwarts Dormitories
  • Why I (sort of) Hate Ginny Weasley
  • Seven Scenarios in which it might be Alright to Ship Dolores Umbridge with Minerva McGonagall
  • Squibs and Disability in the Wizarding World
  • Infatuation and the Female Fool in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Pureblood Laws, Muggle Relations and Social Change in Post-Voldemort Britain
  • Teaching Potter

UK orders: £2.00 + £1.35 postage


International orders: £2.00 + £4.75 postage


Or check out our Sonorus issue bundles here!

SONORUS GIVEAWAY: Golden Time Turner and Ravenclaw tee!

To celebrate James S Potter’s first week at Hogwarts, the Sonorus Team are running a giveaway throughout the month of September until Monday 12th October!

Every zine order or article submission will get placed in a prize draw to win one of these 2 excellent prizes (1 entry for zine orders, 2 entries for article submissions):

gold-necklace-time-turnertime turner

  1. Hermione’s golden time turner necklace
    Features the quote “I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do.”stamped onto the necklace. The Time Turner can be moved around and used like the actual one in the books and movies (unfortunately without the time traveling effect.)¬† The pendant is around 4cm tall and comes on a 55cm golden chain.ravenclaw tee ravenclaww tee 2
  2. Ravenclaw house sigil grey t shirt
    Generous UK size 12 (EU 40, US 8, AUS 12). New with tags, unworn.  Sigil on the front, plain on the back. Short roll sleeve.


  1. Every person who places a shop order between now and 11.59pm in 30th September will have their name put into a prize draw to win one of the two items above.
  2. Every person who submits an item for issue 3 of Sonorus between now and 11.59pm in 30th September will have their name put into a prize draw TWICE to win one of the two items above (NB: each person only gets for 1 prize).
  3. In the ‚Äúspecial instructions‚ÄĚ form on the paypal payment for a shop order, or in the email containing the submission, please write which of the prizes would be your preference. We‚Äôll draw 2 names at random ‚Äď the first name will get their preferred item, the second name will get the remaining item.¬† If you have no preference, please say ‚Äúno preference‚ÄĚ and the second name drawn will get their preferred item.
  4. Each person who places a shop order, no matter how many orders, is only eligible for 1 entry.
  5. Each person who submits an item for Sonorus #3, no matter how many submissions, is only eligible for 2 entries.
  6. A person who submits an item AND places a shop order will have their name put in THREE times.

Good luck!

Team Sonorus x